Inclusive social workshop where people with disabilities and without work togother.

In the social workshop we produce notebooks, notepads, special exercise books for Waldorf schools.

Contact for orders: Jolita Čilvinaitė jolita@akvila.lt +37068892482


This workshop is organised as social workshop for people with mental disability. Together  we make books for Waldorf schools, notebooks, postcards etc.

Our adress: J. Biliūno str. 22, Garliava, Kaunas district, Lithuania

Here works 10 people with learning disability together with 3 co-workers. 

Working ours from 2-6 hours a day, depending on the possibilities of a persons.

We pay 38 Eur/month pocket money.

Notebook production process

In our social workshop we produce notebooks for Waldorf schools. Meet how they are born.

1. Folding

The paper is folded in half with the help of a special folding box.

2. Preparation of covers

Each book has a colored cover that needs to be cut, folded.

3. Calculation

The book consists of 12 half-folded sheets, so it is important to count them correctly.

4. Assembling

Twelve folded pages of the book are completed with a coloured cover.

5. Binding

The back of the book is stapled with paper clips using a special device.

6. Cutting

With the help of a safe guillotine, the book is trimmed to the required size.

7. Rounding of corners

The uniqueness of our products is the corners rounded with a special machine.

8. Stamping

The book is marked with the stamp of our workshop.

9. Packing

The products are packaged and prepared for convenient delivery to customers.

10. Delivery to the customer

The products are delivered to customers – Waldorf schools all over Lithuania. In the 2021 – 2022 school year, our notebooks will be used by 5 Waldorf pedagogical schools in Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kazlų Rūda, where more than 1,000 students study together. They will consume 10,000-12,000 of our notebooks in one year.

These social workshops are the implementation activities of the project “From care to opportunities: development of community services” (project No. 08.4.1-ESFA-V-405-03-0001). About the project http://www.pertvarka.lt/ii-pertvarkos-etapas/startuoja-institucines-globos-pertvarkos-antrasis-etapas-bendruomeniniu-paslaugu-pletra/



Dalia Tamulionytė-Krilavičienė, workshop FULL HEARTS social worker