Activities in Akvila

Our daily routine is based on the principles of Anthroposophic Social Therapy, where each member of the community contributes to the common wealth as much as he or she can.



Our goal is to establish workshops, where everyone could meet one’s profession, one’s occupation.  Work sharing, social therapeutic approach helps us to create possibilities for residents to meet each other, and hopefully, to meet themselves.

Handicrafts workshop

Wool, clay, sewing, knitting, decoupage

House care workshop

Cleaning, flower care, washing, ironing, waste management


Food workshop

Cooking, baking, food preservation, making apple cheese, serving table, dishwashing

Gardening and outside workshop

Greenhouse, garden, kitchen-garden, composting, yard maintenance.



To support development of people with special needs we are planing to have art, music, kinesiotheraphy (physical therapy) and other therapies, massage, psychologist and etc.



Every day we are striving to build a community of individuals, where everyone could experience oneself as the most important, where we could meet and fulfill needs of the others. Festivals of the year, cultural activities, community gatherings are important part of our social life. 



Everybody in our community understands the importance of learning from everyday life situations, from each other, as well as from individual studies, seminars and lectures.


Anthroposophical Social Therapy

Anthroposophical Social Therapy has to do with adults who for cognitive, psychological and/or physical reasons have a special need for support. In such cases it offers its help. Social Therapy has as its essential foundation the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and endeavors to achieve a deeper understanding of man’s being. The starting point for this is the anthroposophical image of man. It understands every human individual as a person with a healthy, indestructible spiritual essence and whose dignity is inviolable.

Day rhythm

Day rhythm


9:00 arrival


9:30 morning tea

When we meet in the morning we love to drink tea, discuss what happened while we away.

10:00 morning gathering

Together, we are preparing for the day: sharing the moods we have come with, discussing todays works, joining in the songs and rhythmical exercises.

10:30 movement exercises

Exercise that helps us to feel both therapeutically and physically prepare for the day’s work.

11:00 workshops

Everyone is involved in the workshops of their choice according to their occupation plan.

13:00 common lunch

All together we dine with food from our food workshop.

14:00 rest time / walks, excursions

It’s the time we’re resting, play table games, socialize, sing, welcome guests and so on. On some days of the week we go for a walk or to rest time / walks, excursionsexcursions.

15:30 cleaning worshop

Together we clean our home and the environment.

16:30 reflection round

We say goodbye reflecting on the day’s impressions, moods, and work done.

17:00 leaving for home