About us

AKVILA, Home for Social Therapy

We build the AKVILA home based on the international CAMPHILL movement, where, in accordance with the principles of Anthroposophical Social Therapy, every member of the community brings the best of their abilities in a common life. Here we focus on the human need for relationships and social life, but at the same time we respect the personal autonomy of everyone.


2016 a group of proactive parents and professionals gathered together to mobilize a community of people with intellectual disabilities and those without them, in which everyone could find their favorite activities, work, and destiny.



In Spring of 2018 we established “Home for Social Therapy, NGO”

Day center

Since September 29th, 2018 Home for Social Therapy started to operate day center AKVILA



February 13th, 2019 we got license for day care service for people with mental disability.

International Association

Since March 2019, AKVILA is an affiliated member of Camphill Northern Region Association.


Currently, we provide Day social care services to the residents of Kaunas district, Kaunas city and Kaišiadorys district municipalities.

Social workshop

In June 2020 Paper Workshop was started, where we produce notebooks, notepads, postcards and other paper products.

Residential house

In 2021-2023, together with Kaunas District Municipality, we will build the first Residential House in Garliava, Mastaičiai or its surroundings.


At this moment

At this moment

Community services


Currently, Lithuania is undergoing a deinstitutionalization process to move from institutional care to community-based services. We are the only community based institution providing day care center services for adults with intellectual disabilities operating in Kaunas district (outside Kaunas city). Our initiative is welcomed and supported by representatives of the responsible authorities, municipality and families in need of such services.

Initiative by parents and professionals

We invite to support us

AKVILA House is founded on the initiative of parents and specialists and all the daily expenses are covered by personal funds. We carry out a search for sponsors to help us acquire the necessary tools and equipment for our operations. We are looking for a variety of financial resources that could help buy the house.

Inclusive Community


At present, our community already has 24 attendees and 13 co-workers, 2 volunteers, 3 therapists who create and develop a day in the AKVILA. AKVILA has a license for 20 adults with intellectual / complex disabilities in a day center and 10 working places in Social workshop.



Camphill Movement

World wide movement

“Camphill Movement” started in 1940 In Scotland, the Camphill region, where Karl Koenig and a group of refugees from Europe founded the first Waldorf pedagogical school for children with intellectual disabilities. Later, the initiative expanded to Camphill homes for adults, social workshops, day centers and so on. There are currently about 130 Camphill organizations in the world.

Regional co-operation

Camphill Northern Region Association (CNRA)

The Camphill Northern Region Association is an organization that unites 18 Camphill communities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Northern Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. AKVILA since 2019 March is an affiliated member of CNRA.

Karl König Institute

Karl König Archive

The Institute’s primary task is to develop and manage the Karl König Archive, including editing and publishing together with partners around the world. Akvila collaborates with the archive in presenting Karl König’s books in Lithuanian.



“May we feel safe in daily rhythms; 

May interest in others creates warm atmosphere in here;

May we nourish ourselves with beauty and art of conversation; 

May we meet each others needs and fulfill them;

May in free will we care about our body, soul and spirit;

May experiences and learning make us grow;

May consciously we recreate the destinies of ours.”