We are fundraising

Our initiative currently is run by volunteers – all establishment, house keeping and everyday costs are covered by private funds of co-founders and co-workers.

We invite you to contribute to the materialization of AKVILA’s ideas and values!

Wood workshop project

AKVILA wood workshop

Why we need wood workshop?

Our day center AKVILA is attended by young adults with intellectual disabilities, and especially the boys like to work with wood. It is not only a creative process, but also a therapeutic one. We plan to learn how to make wooden simple products, furniture for kindergartens, offer products according to orders that other wood masters do not.

What equipment do we need?
In AKVILA we have a garage suitable for wood workshops. For the workshop, we need: a special working table, tool shelves, a set of woodworking tools, woodworking equipment.



Book workshop

We would like to start a workshop, where we could make books for Waldorf schools in Lithuania.


It is essential for us as a day center to have a car which could transport people to and from AKVILA.

House projects

House purchase

Why do we want to buy the house?

The house belongs to “Social Therapy House” on the basis of a leasing agreement until December, 2020. We believe that this place is the best place for us to realize our goals, so we dream of raising funds to buy this house. We would appreciate any help in this matter.

Thank you our sponsors

THANK YOU our sponsors


A voluntary initiative that does good deeds.

THANK YOU to the private individuals and companies whose financial support helps us realize our ideas!

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